How do I prepare beforehand?

Find 3 solid days

in your calendar when you will be in Singapore and block them off. Unless Will power is your middle name, keep temptations at a minimal--no free-flowing alcohol events, no 10-course Chinese banquets, no temptations.

Tell us where to deliver

The day before your cleanse, you will receive 18 bottles of juices – so you need a delivery address within our delivery zones. And think about whether you want it delivered at home or at work. Remember – juices should not be unattended for too long.

Make space in your fridge

The juices are delivered cold (with an ice pack in a nifty cooler). But this IS Singapore, so the faster you can put them into the refrigerator, the better it is. If you plan to bring your bottles to work, mark your territory in the pantry fridge!

Learn not to miss solids

18 bottles--that’s 6 bottles of juices and soups per day, for 3 days. We’ll guide you through it (and give you a cheat sheet if you need it), but be mentally prepared, and be zen about it.

Embrace R&R

Rest, relax and detox your mind as well. Schedule a facial, reflexology or lymphatic massage. Your mind and body are more connected than you think. Remember, stress is a major toxin that we all are much better off without.

Ease in and out

Make sure the 2 days after and before the cleanse are also relatively stress free. What? You expect to jump straight in and out of a cleanse? Think again… We’ll give you pre-cleanse and post-cleanse guidelines to follow.

Recruit a buddy

Detoxes are best done with a friend, a spouse or a colleague. It keeps you from falling off the wagon and stirs up the competitive streak in you. If you can’t find a buddy, then hang out with supportive people. Say no to friends who do hamburgers--at least for those 3 days.

Be sensible

Don’t force yourself to continue if you are ill. Don’t have a ridiculous goal like losing 10lbs – we cannot stress enough that this is NOT a weight loss program. (Although it is a nice side effect). And don’t feel bad if you can’t finish the program. Focus on the fact that you’ve tried and done your best, and try again later.

Believe that you can do this

It’s only 3 days. Commit to it wholeheartedly and be excited for how you’ll feel afterwards. Whether it’s your food preferences, your habits, your look, or even your outlook, our cleanse will change you. But it differs for everyone. Be positive and remember why you are doing this in the first place…


Drink, drink and be merry

You will receive a cooler full of fresh, gluten-free, vegan juices. All you have to do is drink bottles 1 through 6 everyday. Just don’t drink all the 1’s on Day 1, and you are good to go.

Once again, relax! Enjoy a body scrub or a deep tissue massage. Cross your legs and meditate.

Give you and your body a chance, and it will naturally detoxify. Because that’s what you’re designed to do.