How to Lose 20 pounds in 30 Days


Any regular reader of this column will know that I’m a fan of extremes, be it drinking, exercise or work. I’m a big fan of the “Go Big or Go Home” philosophy for two reasons: 1) it’s more fun, 2) I want variation in life before I get old. Sure, family and career building are wonderful but they also standardize one’s life: wake up, head to work, get back home, occasionally go out. That sounds like me when I’m fifty and I’m hoping by then robots will do everything.

As such, I embarked upon a fantastic binge during April and May, culminating with eight Michelin stars of food in three days, each followed by a monstrous night of boozing. It was time for me to stop when I found myself in a Copenhagen hotel holding my belt and trying to manually make a new hole with a screwdriver so it would fit my expanding waist. It was time, as they say, to go on a diet.

But I didn’t want any diet. I wanted to GO BIG. I wanted to lose 20 pounds and 30 days. And I did. Here’s what I did:

Diet is the most important to lose weight. Cardio for days is fine but if you follow it with eight vodka tonics and 5am kebabs, it will murder your goals faster than a tai tai fires her helper. My diet plans instead centered on a detox, which I found to be more preferable to the anorexia/bulimia alternatives for extreme weight loss. Plus, detoxes can be healthy.

I hit it hard with a seven-day juice detox from Punch Detox (www.punchdetox.com), a Hong Kong-based juicer that delivers fresh juices to your doorstep. I don’t get all the complaints about juicing—e.g. it’s all sugar/you’re going to be hungry—Punch uses juicers that pulverize everything so you get the nutrients and it has as many as 32 ingredients in a juice so it’s tons of stuff to fill your body. I’m 6’5 and 210 pounds and I wasn’t hungry. You’ll be just fine. Trust me.

So I did seven days of six juices a day, including a red punch, salad punch, fruit punch, and a nut milk (which sounds gross but is actually the bomb). You juice regularly and frequently and as long as you don’t walk around like a dickhead complaining to everybody, it’s pretty easy. I’d get up, have a juice, have a second as a morning snack, then have a third and go out to lunch with friends where I drank water and chatted about whatever. If you want to do something, do it, as long as you get the right help/attentionm on it. I got the Punch guys to help and lost 10 pounds. Pretty good start to the month.

Weeks two to four were simply a modified diet plan with no carbs for dinner and two smoothies a week. I stopped drinking also, which was super-hard, but sometimes you just gotta suck it up or not suck it, as the case was.

I used to row—a fact I tell anybody who will listen—so I’m used to training hard. Unfortunately that was seven years ago and my body was like, “whoa buddy, we don’t do this anymore,” and decided to break down spectacularly. I ran and strained some knee tendons; I lifted and aggravated my surgically repaired shoulder; I tried vigorous sex but couldn’t find a partner so just sadly spent a lot of “me” time.

What I ended on was a modified high/low-intensity program. I did biking or elliptical five days a week for an hour a time, keeping it light and getting into the 130 heart rate “fat burning zone,” and mixed in three days a week (sometimes the same days) for something hardcore: a strong run, some Crossfit-like thingy, a hike, etc. I felt terrible for the first seven days, slightly less terrible for the next seven and pretty good by the end. Variation was key.

In 30 days I lost 20 pounds, felt great, juiced myself into a healthy clear-minded self (something I’ll continue with), lost some eye-bags and bought a bunch of new pants.

Now I’m going on vacation and going to eat myself silly. You should too.

Source: HK Magazine Online

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Punch Detox – Sassy tests the 3-day juice cleanse


Too many cocktails, too little sleep… lungfuls of pollution-laced air and platefuls of MSG loaded meals… late nights in the office and even later nights in Lan Kwai Fong… Life in Hong Kong can be more toxic than Britney Spears in that turquoise air hostess outfit!

Add into the mix a flat move (widely recognised as one of life’s most stressful events!) and you have one frazzled girl in desperate need of some serious TLC. When a couple of foot massages and a few days off the mojitos weren’t cutting it, I knew that it was cause to pull out the big guns. It was time for a Punch Detox juice cleanse.

The idea behind a juice cleanse is simple – by ingesting only clean, easy-to-digest juices for a few days, not only are you eliminating all the junk, but you’re also giving your body a bit of a break. Not having to expend energy on digesting allows the body to focus on expelling toxins and repairing all the damage you do with processed foods, alcohol and all the other bad stuff.

But in a city where people who work sixty hour weeks are slackers, and organic produce is more elusive than a sleuth of Giant Pandas, how’s a girl supposed to source 8kg of organic fruit and vegetables, let alone peel, chop, blend and bottle it?! There’s no doubt about it – if you want to juice cleanse in Hong Kong, you need to call in the pros!

Punch Detox specialises in 3-day organic, vegan juice cleanses. Set up by two Hong Kong mamas with a passion for nutrition, it’s clear from the second you click onto the website that this is a company designed by real people for real people. Meticulous thought has been invested into every element of the juicing experience, from the crammed-full-of-info, easy-to-use website, to the daily emails of encouragement and the beautifully designed packaging.

So far, so great. But what you really want to know is what was it like? Did I stick to it? Was I ravenously hungry all the time? And is swapping food for juice for three days really worth it?



A few days before I’m due to start, an email pings into my inbox – “Ready for the Punch Juice Cleanse? Be excited! Don’t be nervous! Remember – you LOVE juice. You will feel great. You will look great”.

I hadn’t really thought too hard about the fact that I was giving up eating for three days until this point; I’m suddenly VERY nervous. The email goes on to list things that Punch recommends you eliminate pre-cleanse, including caffeine, meat, fast food and alcohol. The promise that the cleanse will be less painful the more strict I am leading up to it, helps me spend the weekend eating cleanly and feeling virtuous. My nerves begin to fade and I start to genuinely look forward to the challenge!

At 5pm on Monday evening, three cool bags arrive at my office. My colleagues are less than amused when I take over three shelves of the office fridge with a rainbow of juice bottles each carefully labelled with my name. I pop juice number one back into my cool bag and scoot home for an early night in preparation for the big detox…


Day 1

I begin the day with a mug of hot water and a slice of lemon before getting stuck into bottle number one in the taxi to work. The first juice of the day is the Citrus Punch, a lemony drink with a cayenne pepper kick to get your metabolism going. I channel Beyoncé whilst drinking it – this juice is based on the Master Cleanse recipe that she used to get in shape for Dream Girls.

I sip the scarily healthy-looking juice number two – Green Punch – while I clear my inbox, following that up with a couple of mugs of green tea… and before I know it, it’s lunchtime! As my colleagues tuck into their sandwiches, I grab my juice fix – the Red Punch, a surprisingly delicious mix of beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger. So far, this juicing lark is an absolute breeze… then midway through a 3.30pm meeting, my stomach emits a highly embarrassing grumble. As soon as I’m back at my desk, I grab juice four, the pineappley watermelony Fruit Punch – not only is my sanity restored, but this is also out-and-out yum in a bottle!

Come home time, I pack up my cool bag with the last juices for the day and grab a cab back to my flat. My boyfriend is under strict instructions not to eat in front of me, so eats on the terrace while I sit inside sipping my evening juice – the GazPUNCHo. As the name suggests, this dinner juice is modelled on the Spanish chilled soup. Much chunkier that the other juices, this bad boy is not only delicious but a real saving grace if you’re missing chewing; you can even convince yourself that you’re eating a proper meal by pouring it into a bowl and eating it with a spoon!  After a relaxing evening and a hot bubbly bath, I crack open my sixth and final juice of the day – the Nut Punch (cashew milk, almonds and agave nectar). This bedtime juice is a real treat – sweet, filling and very soothing. Last drop downed, I decide it’s time to call time on my first foodless day and settle into a deep, peaceful sleep.


Day 2

I wake up feeling energized and ready to go. I haven’t experienced any of the side effects that Punch had warned about – no headaches, no cold and flu symptoms, no cravings or irritability. I’m feeling pretty smug!

Then, just as I’m leaving my flat, I walk past my neighbour’s front door and a waft of sizzling bacon drifts out. My stomach rumbles noisily and all I can think about is a salty, crispy, ketchup-drenched bacon sandwich – cravings, tick! I remind myself that I wouldn’t normally be eating bacon on a Wednesday morning anyway, and repeat my ‘You LOVE juice’ mantra until the cravings subside…

The day continues in a pretty easy cycle of juices, herbal teas and lots of water. I find that I’m much more conscious than usual of making sure that I’m keeping hydrated. I regularly go a whole day only drinking the odd coffee and a glass of water, but I’m suddenly speeding through whole bottles of water without much thought.

One downside, though, is that I’m constantly freezing! After a spot of Googling, I discover this is a usual side effect and vow to bring a cosy cardigan tomorrow.

I consider heading out in the evening, but end up working late and decide that the temptation to indulge may be too much if I’m surrounded by ladies’ night Prosecco. Instead I head home, download Grazia onto my iPad and snuggle into bed for an early night dreaming of shoes, handbags and giant burgers…


Day 3

I wake up to see my chin is proudly sporting the most impressive breakout I’ve seen since Michael Schofield escaped from Fox River in Prison Break! It’s a shame as the rest of my skin is glowy, clear and in much better nick than it usually is on a Thursday morning. Nevertheless, the Punch ladies warned that this was a potential side effect and is a good sign that the toxins are leaving my body!

By now, I’m used to the juices and into a pretty good routine when it comes to spacing each juice fix across my day. I’m drinking so much fluid that I really don’t feel hungry at all. I actually find that the worst thing about the cleanse is boredom – I hadn’t really realised before how much food breaks up my day or the amount of time I devote to planning, preparing and enjoying my meals.

As I finish my final Nut Punch, I think that I could happily stick to the juice cleanse for a few more days. It’s all been much easier than I’d imagined and rather than feeling tired and lethargic, I’m actually feeling springy and energised. My stomach is also much flatter than usual and a quick pre-bedtime hop onto the scales reveals that I’m seven pounds lighter than usual.


Punch advise that you should break the cleanse even more slowly than you ease into it. While the urge is to celebrate the end of your liquid diet with an enormous slab of cake washed down with a magnum of champagne, the girls advocate sticking to small simple meals of salads, steamed vegetables and fruit for the first few days, gradually adding in other foods and leaving meat and dairy until the end of the first week post-cleanse.

Having imagined I’d be craving a huge breakfast, I actually opt for a fruit smoothie to start the day, have a small green salad for lunch and steamed fish and vegetables for dinner. Eating anything at all is pretty exciting and I’m much more conscious of what I’m putting into my body and the effect that it has on me.

My final verdict? Post-cleanse I’ve definitely got my bounce back. I’m feeling lighter and more focused. Breakout aside, my skin and eyes look clear and bright, and although I know the majority of my weight loss is water weight, I definitely feel like my clothes are looser and I look better, even a few weeks after the detox.

Punch Detox is not a miracle cure-all and it’s probably not for everyone – you definitely need willpower and not too much other than yourself to focus on while you’re cleansing. But for a short, sharp shock to help you step away from the vodka jellies and back towards a healthier, more conscious way of eating, this may just be the kick start you need to get you back on track.

And if nothing else, it at least gives you one thing in common with Beyonce…!

Punch Detox’s 3-Day Juice Cleanse costs $1680, including delivery; for more info, see their website here


Source: Sassy Mama Hong Kong

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Review: Punch Detox Level 2 Cleanse – Nothing but juices for three whole days


Let’s be honest — living in Hong Kong takes its toll on the body. There’s the bad air, the high level of stress, and of course, the insane amount of deliciously bad-for-us foods out there (read: barbecue pork, pizza, foie gras lollipops etc.). If there’s any city that needs a cleanse, it’s Hong Kong.

So, it should come as no surprise that juice cleanses are popping up all over the city, each of them offering a similar regime — six 500-ml juices a day for two to six days, sometimes longer by request. By only drinking fresh-pressed juices from fruits and vegetables, your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs, while giving your digestion system a break from having to process large meals.

Out of the three major Hong Kong juice cleanse companies today (the others being Genie Concept and newcomer Be-Juiced), Punch Detox is the only one that uses all-organic fruits and vegetables, sourced from Providence Family Farm. Here’s our day-by-day review of their Level Two cleanse (more veggies, less fruit) for intermediate cleansers.

Day 1

The juices arrived the night before in three grey cooler bags, which we immediately placed in the fridge to keep fresh. Note: they take up a lot of space, so make sure you clear out your fridge beforehand!

Upon waking, we had a cup of warm water with lemon to wake our digestive systems before sipping on our first juice — the Citrus Punch. More of a flavoured water than a juice, it’s Punch Detox’s version of the Master Cleanse with lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, agave nectar and filtered water.

After lugging the other five juices to work, which were heavier than we thought, it was time for our next juice — the Green Punch (the juices should be drank every two hours, with a glass of water or tea in between). A mix of celery, kale, cucumber, bitter melon, parsley, green apple and spirulina, don’t let its deep green colour throw you off. Tthe veggie-flavoured juice was watery and actually quite easy to drink, with each green balancing the other out.

The third juice, Red Punch, was a mix of beet, ginger, orange, goji berry, red apple and carrots. A super-sweet combination, we loved the taste and slightly thicker texture of this juice, but it does tend to leave red splotches on your upper lip (so be sure to wipe your mouth in between sips)! Those who wear crisp white shirts should also beware…


Green juices have amazing health benefits for the body.

Juice number four is usually taken around 3pm, and for us it’s the Salad Punch — Punch Detox’s most alkaline detoxifier (only available on Level 2). Made of romaine, spinach, choi sum, pear, cucumber and green radish, it’s got a more watery consistency than the Green Punch and is also quite pleasant to drink. It’s hard to taste the pear in the mix, as the flavour leans more towards lettuce.

By 5pm, we’re feeling a little deprived, not to mention hungry for something a little more solid. Enter juice number five — the GazPUNCHo. This savoury juice tastes more like a salsa with tomato, cucumber, cilantro, garlic, sea salt, cider vinegar, olive oil and cayenne pepper in the mix. The chunks of tomato finally give us something to chew on, which made us feel like we’re cheating a bit (but we’re not).

We end up not having the last juice of the day until about 8pm, and at that point, we were absolutely ravenous. Unfortunately for Level 2 cleansers, the Coco Punch is a simple mix of coconut water with acai berry, and while it is sweet, doesn’t do much to fill us up. We went to bed hungry and dreaming of plump dim sums and cheesy pizzas.

Day 2

They say the first two days of a juice cleanse are always the hardest, and they’re right. Day two was filled with thoughts of food — tacos, grilled chunks of miso cod, fresh baked bread — the list goes on and on. It didn’t help that we had restaurant reviews to write and high-res pictures of food porn to pore over at work either.

The juices were exactly the same as in Day 1, except we didn’t drink them every two hours as we are supposed to. Meetings got in the way, and we ended up spacing them about three hours apart. This meant that we were incredibly hungry in between each juice, and while tasty and refreshing, they just weren’t satisfying.

We tried to compensate by drinking mugs of hot green tea in between, which felt amazing and forbidden even though it wasn’t, and that helped soothe our stomach into submission once again.

Mentally, we felt more alert and focused, and if our vivid imaginations of food were of any indication, our minds were extremely clear. We also had more energy than we thought we would on a cleanse, and even managed to squeeze in a lunchtime workout (30-minute jog on the treadmill).


Juice number four and six are swapped for less sugary options in the level two cleanse from Punch Detox.

Day 3

Day three rolls around and we finally see the light. The juices have now become part of a routine, and it felt good to not have to plan out our every meal.

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting a lot of support from the ladies behind Punch Detox, who’ve been emailing us at least once a day to tell us what to expect before the cleanse, what exactly we’re drinking and how to ease off the cleanse once it ends (despite our intentions to binge eat right after).

Thoughts-wise, we’re still thinking of food — specifically what we were going to eat in less than 24 hours (yay!). Surprisingly though, we weren’t as hungry as we were on the first two days, and we had plenty of energy to get through the day. Finally, the day came to an end and we tucked into bed early in anticipation of a solid breakfast.


There’s no doubt that doing a juice cleanse has its benefits — weight loss, glowing skin, more energy, and reduced cravings, just to name a few. We experienced all that and more, but what we liked most was how it forced us to take a timeout from our regular eat-whatever-pleases-us attitude and get our healthy habits back on track.

Junk food is addictive, and the more you eat it, the more you crave it. After the cleanse, we were much more aware of what we put in our bodies (even worried, you could say), and continued to watch what we ate (if not only to preserve our new weight of two kilograms less and the flatness of our bellies).

Overall, we enjoyed our cleanse with Punch Detox despite some of the juices being somewhat simple and easy to make at home (like the Citrus Punch and Coco Punch). But, unless you have your own slow juicer and plenty of time to plan your juices, buy produce and spend hours juicing in the kitchen, we highly recommend going on a commercial juice cleanse to make sure you’re getting the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients for each day.

And, since organic produce is not so easy to come by, we highly recommend Punch Detox due to the fact that all of their juices are organic by default, unlike the other Hong Kong juice cleanse companies.

For more information about Punch Detox, visit www.punchdetox.com.

Source: Life Style Asia

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banner-pure yoga autumn program

About the Programme
Autumn is a natural time of transition and an ideal time for a gentle detox to cleanse and reset your body and mind, and prepare your system for a winter of wellness.

Detoxing in the fall may sound counterintuitive. After all, spring – Ayurveda’s other optimal time to detox – is our cultural and habitual cleaning season. For most of us, the season of spring is all about shaking off the winter weight and getting revved up for summer. But detoxifying in the autumn months has its joyous benefits too! Our bodies will naturally start to slow down in the colder months, creating a more tamastic-like system. What better way to let the natural process evolve than to clean and restore our bodies, thus becoming more sattvic in preparation.

In this programme, we will learn how to kick-start the natural detoxifying processes to balance out our bodies safely through a 3-day juice detox. The detoxification process is complemented by a morning asana practice, pranayama, detox journalling and group sharing.

To learn more about the programme, come to the INFORMATION SESSION cum DETOX CLASS on:
Date : Wednesday, 10 October 2012
Time : 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Venue : Pure Yoga Tsim Sha Tsui
Registration opens 7 days prior to this event

The 3-day Punch Juice Cleanse kit and manual are provided by Punch Detox

About Punch Detox
Punch Detox was born out of love and need.
After having their children, Ann and Angela – now owners of Punch Detox – were desperate for a healthy jump-start. They joined a two-week intensive detox and yoga programme, and were thrilled by how amazing they looked and felt afterwards. They became obsessed by the subject – and enrolled in nutrition classes, devoured books, consulted with detox experts and experimented on their own bodies and those of their close friends.

Finally, a 3-Day Juice Cleanse programme was developed specifically for Hong Kong, where people have high standards and busy schedules. A panel of friends benefited with immediate results. Word got out – and bankers, yoga teachers and doctors started asking if they could try too. Over 200 cleanses later, Punch Detox was born.

About Life Nutrition™ Whole Food Supplements

We Believe Life is Beautiful. At LIFE™, we believe the true joy of living lies in the simple gifts that nature has provided for all of us: fresh air, exercise, clean water and good nutrition. But with today’s modern lifestyle of rushed meals, late nights, dining out and everyday stresses, it can be difficult for many of us to enjoy the nutrition that enables us to perform at our very best.

With over 40 years of nutrition manufacturing background, LIFE™ is the pioneer in creating nutritional supplements from natural whole food organic sources: fish oils, fruit, berries, vegetables and herbs. By using natural efficient food sources for our supplements combined with the latest thinking in nutritional science to develop our formulas, LIFE™ gives you the best of both worlds: advanced science for effective results and the best of Mother Nature so you can perform at your natural best!

Our products have obtained cGMP, FDA Free Sale Certificates and International Natural Certificate and International Organic Certificate – assurances that they are 100% safe and effective. Our eco-friendly aluminium bottle saves 95% energy and CO2 for a more sustainable world.

26-28 October 2012 (Friday – Sunday)

Friday, 26 October 2012: Getting Ready
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Orientation, First detox kit pick-up, Goal Setting

Saturday, 27 October 2012: Kick-start your detox
8:00am – 10:00am Breath work, Dynamics detox practice, Meditation
10:00am – 11:00am Break, journalling & mid-morning juice snack
11:00am – 1:00pm Nutrition workshop by professional nutritionist

Sunday, 28 October 2012: Integration
8:00am – 10:00am Breath work, Dynamics detox practice, Meditation
10:00am – 11:00am Break, journalling & mid-morning juice snack
11:00am – 1:00pm Restorative practice and sharing

Classes will be led by Margaret Chung and Samantha Chan

Autumn Detox and Nutrition Weekend
with Margaret Chung & Samantha Chan
26-28 October 2012
All Levels
– Early-bird 20% off: HK$3,000 (ends 15 October)
– Regular Price : HK$3,750

*3-day Punch Juice Cleanse kit and manual
*All yoga sessions and nutrition workshop listed above
*Complimentary Life Nutrition supplement
*Aumnie personal hydration vessel

Registration closes 22 October 2012

All information presented in this programme is for educational purposes only and not intended to substitute any medical counselling, advice, or prescription.

If you are currently on a medically prescribed diet or have any specific medical conditions, please consult your physician before beginning this programme.

In addition, please use discretion regarding food allergies and intolerances, and any other practice in this programme.

– Last day for Early-bird 20% discount is 15 October 2012

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
– No refunds for cancellation starting 15 October 2012
– All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.

To register, please visit or contact our studio or email events@pure-yoga.com for further enquiries

Photos and video may be taken from time to time on our premises by Pure employees, solely for Pure marketing purposes.

About Margaret Chung

34 Margaret originally came to Hong Kong from her native Canada to start her career as a television host and actress. After years of travelling and working a hectic schedule, she has found her real connection to herself in the practice of yoga. A true Pure yogini, she took her first yoga class at Pure Yoga. Through her practice, she has learned to be more spiritually and emotionally in tune with the world around her. After years of study and practice, Margaret joins the Pure Yoga team, now as a teacher. She looks forward to sharing her passion with the students and guiding them to find the sweet spot between strength and surrender. “Practise with dedication and sincerity, and the rest will come” Margaret is a certified registered yoga teacher (RYT) under the Yoga Alliance. She teaches Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Power Yoga classes in Cantonese and English.

About Samantha Chan

369Samantha was born in Hong Kong and came to yoga as a natural progression of exercise from school, the gym, and Pilates. In 2002, she eventually attended her first yoga class and finally found her vocation.

She began training as a teacher at Yoga Limbs in Hong Kong in 2005 and initially joined the training programme just to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga. Sam later discovered to her amazement that she enjoyed the interaction with her students and the ability to share her knowledge with them. Since then, she has become a full-time teacher. One of her specialty areas is Kids Yoga, in which she has completed The Foundations YogaKids Facilitator Training & Certification Program run by the YogaKids from USA. She is currently doing its Advanced Training Practicum and will be a qualified YogaKids teacher thereafter.

Sam is a serious Yogi who works hard to deepen her own practice. She brings this same level of commitment to her teaching by allowing students to progress at their own pace under her careful guidance. Although she believes that yoga is largely for personal development, she also sees it as a way of connecting with other people. This is evident in the way she interacts with her students, who find her very approachable, encouraging and down-to-earth. Her approach is full of enthusiasm and she is not afraid to raise the bar at each class.

For Sam, the practice of yoga is a lifelong journey where there is continuous learning. When not practising, she enjoys photography, reading, hiking, travel and food.

Pure Yoga Tsim Sha Tsui
14/f The Peninsula Office Tower
18 Middle Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
T +852 8129 8800
F +852 8129 8008

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A Detox That Packs A Punch


It’s about this time each year when a nagging thoughts goes on repeat in my brain: “It’s nearly swimsuit season…so…I guess I better get my butt in gear and start working out more/eating right/drinking less”.

This year though, I decided to take things up a notch or two (it was a rather gluttonous Spring, I have to say) and jumpstart my ‘bikini-or-bust’ regime with a juice cleanse.

Now I’d love to say that I’m motivated enough to be pressing my own delightful green juice every morning à al Gwynnie Paltrow….but I’m not, even though I have a quasi restaurant-grade juicer in my kitchen – that I picked up this time last year, truth be told. To my rescue was a brand new cleanse program that delivers 3 or 6-day juice cleanses right to your door, Punch Detox. Bingo! So along with two others here from Sassy Mama it was time to cleanse.

Punch Detox offers a simple regime of raw, unpasteurized, vegan juices whose special sequence and combination is designed so your body absorbs the right amount of healthy carbs, good fats, protein, as well as loads of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The idea here is that by consuming just these (yummy) juices for a few days, your digestive system gets a well-deserved rest from solid food (not to mention all the processed and junk food), freeing it up so the energy normally used to digest it is returned to the natural functions of deep inner cleansing. It’s not about weight loss here (though that can be a nice side effect) so much as giving yourself a break from the bad stuff while you pump your body full of healthy goodness through the 6 different ‘living’ juices each day.

The program starts with a knock on your door and a delivery of 18 bottles of juice – 6 for each day, all packed into three tidy soft-pack cooler bags (so get your fridge ready). By the time it has arrived you should be more or less mentally and physically prepared thanks to their helpful instructions both online and in a little cheat-sheet that comes with your delivery.

The juices are surprisingly good – though inevitably there will be one that becomes your enemy. Check out their yummy juice blends here – my favorites were the morning Citrus Punch, a super refreshing start to the day that is meant to wake up your digestive system, and the GazPUNCHo, a spicy and savory soup-juice that you can pour into a bowl and eat with a spoon that provides some psychological relief around dinner time. And to help you along the way, a daily motivational email from the Punch girls will land in your inbox, reminding you just why you started this crazy thing in the first place. And suddenly, before you know it – it’s over. ‘Cause three days is not a long time, people.

Even so, you’re probably thinking “Can I really survive on liquids alone for 3 days?” Well chew on this: you’ll have consumed 8kgs of raw fruits and vegetables by the time it’s all over. That’s nothing to sniff at it – and through their super hydraulic juice press, you’re getting about 5 times more vitamins and nutrients along the way than would have come from a standard juicer. And while I won’t say that there weren’t times that I was cursing my decision (like when I had perhaps the most raging caffeine withdrawal headache on record), the bursts of energy, glowing skin, and the sense that I was really doing my body some good confirm that I’m going to be a repeat customer.

A few tips:

Really think on the best date before you commit – clear your calendar and make sure you don’t have any cocktail parties, art openings, client dinners, etc. I chose to leave nothing to chance and did mine when Hubby was away. It’s not easy to find an empty few days but it can be done –you may have to turn down last-minute cocktails with the girls, but there will be more.

Misery loves company, so detox with a friend or two. Three of us here at Sassy Mama embarked on this together and it was nice to be able to commiserate a bit. (And note that Punch even has group discounts.)

Use the time to really relax and rest, as stress is a major toxin after all. I found myself indulging in a nightly bubble bath with a good book and getting into bed by 10pm. Bliss.

Schedule a good massage for the day after – I was surprised by how sore I was…all that badness leaving my body, I guess. Eek.

Punch Detox’s 3-day cleanse is HK$1680. You can also order 2 “back to back” for a 6-day cleanse. Get the full scoop on Punch Detox on their website: http://www.punchdetox.com/

Source: Sassy Mama Hong Kong

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Can you take the punch?

Follow Louise Choi as she tries to detox on a juice liquid fast for six days…

Punch Detox is a company that helps people detox their bodies in just three to six days. It makes juices that are full to the brim with goodies and vitamins. You just drink six bottles of juice each day and nothing else. Cut out alcohol, nicotine and caffeine – and just let your body relax for a while. Release those toxins. (I hope I won’t have to include the words ‘faecal matter’ in this diary/blog…)

Day One: Ground Zero
The difficulty of the task I had set myself only really hit me when I saw those three packs of juices, neatly lined up inside perfectly cube-shaped ice coolers. This week is going to be tough.

Things I have to quit (essentials of every hedonistic journalist):
1. Caffeine. That means most tea, soft drinks, coffee. If I want to function in the day I need to get good rest every night. Time to be good…
2. Sugar. Self explanatory.
3. Alcohol. In the excitement of my upcoming challenge I’d forgotten I’d managed to grab Lady Gaga tickets. Damn. Goodbye to plans of getting hammered while dancing to the Monster Mother!
4. Nicotine.
5. Solid foods. I can do that. ….right?
Anyway, as I know that my self-discipline isn’t as cast iron as I’d like it to be, I have back up smokes, and dark chocolate to just give me a boost. Already someone with erratic eating habits, Punch Detox recommends a three day pre-cleanse weaning off the stuff that I’m going to be missing: ie all of the above. This is hell already! But kudos – Punch Detox has been really great at sending information to me way ahead of time, so I was well briefed for this mammoth task. Also, the ice coolers to make the juices easy to transport and the instructions on which drink you down, and in what order, have been second to none. The company has basically made it as easy as possible for me. And it’s up to me to deal with the discipline. I’m happy that Punch is really informative and useful when the ’rounds’ of detox begins, they detail what I’m going to be drinking and what ingredients are in each juice.
So this is it. Six days, 36 bottles of juice, and one hedonistic, sarcastic and immoral journalist to deal with.

Suck it.

Day Two
I re-read the info sheet:
Common symptoms may include caffeine withdrawal headaches, lethargy, a runny nose, cravings, gas and nausea. For caffeine drinkers: we strongly recommend you to start switching your coffee to decaf and then to green tea eventually. This will decrease the caffeine withdrawal headaches dramatically.
Oh. Did I sign up for that? Anyway, the juices are in the fridge and I’ve had my first one, Citrus Punch, which includes ingredients that sound good and wakes my body up. It’s interesting because I encounter each new juice with apprehension and am often surprised at how refreshing nice they are, and how you can taste the hints of each ingredient they’ve outlined. Things are going well, though people have been eating around me and the smells are oddly overpowering… I’m getting lethargic and headaches, and seeing that was expected in the symptoms, I just… rolled on with the punches…

Day Three
Three days into it and I’m sort of getting used to… not chewing. It’s sort of liberating in a way, in that I don’t have to fret about what I’ll eat next. I am coming down with a horrible flu, and Ann and Angela from Punch Detox have assured me that sometimes this is a side effect. Having said that, Punch Detox has been absolutely fabulous during my juice journey, answering all my questions almost immediately via email. Every day they send a message of encouragement including tips and support. It’s so sweet! I had gone through the juices pretty quickly but my body really shut down. I needed a break, so I had a tiny nap… that lasted FOUR hours. Scrambling back to the office, sneezing and snotting all the way, I finished the day off but was still left hungry. I had skipped the GazPUNCHo, so I had that to back up on. This time round I heated it (yes, not in a microwave) and while it still wasn’t fully satisfying, at least it did the job and filled me up a bit more.

Day Four
Do you know what annoys me? Needing to pee, all the time. Seriously, all the time. Everything I consume is liquid – the juices, water, tea, the juices diluted (recommended)…I’m probably losing weight just by walking back and forth. Also – I CHEATED! I ATE A BLUEBERRY PIE CHOCOLATE. IT WAS SO GOOD. NOW I MUST DIE FOR SINNING. Well, sure it’s not the end of the world – the Punch Detox team recommends ‘healthy cheating’ instead of falling off the bandwagon in general. I should have had a cucumber or tomato to cheat with but instead I had chocolate and that wasn’t a good thing. I went for a jog in the evening and was surprised at how refreshing it was. While I took it easy because I had had no solid food (except for that bite of chocolate) for about four days, I felt really good afterwards.

Day Five
Punch Detox continues to email with tips and encouragement, which I really appreciate. By now I’m used to my routine and know the order of the juices off by heart. It’s finally the weekend so I use it to let my body finally relax a bit. This eases my flu symptoms and my cravings sort of diminish. Wherever I go I carry my little pack of juices, so I constantly have sustenance. I’m also used to being around friends and them accidentally offering me food. It doesn’t make me annoyed any more – I just simply shrug and remind them that I can’t eat! In general I’ve been feeling pretty Zen I think, and the extra time that I had on my hands from my simple diet helped lend time for extra thought.

Day Six
It’s passed both fast and slow. It seemed like I would never be able to eat again but here I am and it’s day six already. I had a little cheat last night – I had a bite of someone’s fro-yo. I couldn’t resist! But overall in terms of lasting I’m surprised I didn’t go on a rampage and eat everything in my sight. It’s a slow sort of inspiration – and now that I’m at the finish line I’m really content with my juices, enjoying each one for the last time. I ended the night sipping sparkling water on a balcony in Central with friends, and while they all agreed that I looked a teensy pale and weak, I felt like once I get back into my normal life I will feel a lot better…

I feel no immediate urge to bounce back into all my old routines. I’m smoking a lot less and have stopped constantly drinking coffee. I’m supposed to wean myself back on to the food, slowly, and I’m content with that prospect. I’m so used to having everything forbidden that I’m surprised when I’m allowed to eat something. I started today with a yoghurt and appreciate it more than usual – and lunch/dinner will be light, as Punch Detox has recommended. I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed and alive, and I’ve also lost about one kilo and a bit, which isn’t very much but that wasn’t the point of the detox anyway. It’s a surprise because I thought I’d want to go and inhale all the food in the world – but I’m sort of used to the hunger and not eating, that I’m almost forgetting to eat!

The main characters…
#1 Citrus Punch
Includes ingredients of lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and agave nectar, and is designed to wake up your digestive system and get your metabolism going. The lemon provides vitamin C and also helps dissolve the toxins in your body. Sounds good! It’s light and fresh on your taste-buds and quite a nice way to start the day.

#2 Green Punch
This punch doesn’t look as inviting as the other glowing friendly ones – it’s seaweed green and reading the ingredients also isn’t reassuring – bitter melon, parsley, celery, bitter gourd, spirulina, kale, green apple!? Oh dear. However, these vegetables provide essential vitamins for cleansing the liver and kidney. These ingredients also counter the damage done by acidic products like sugar, dairy, meat. Upon first taste, it actually isn’t bad – the green apple sweetness overpowers any unpleasantness the bitter melon would have contributed.

#3 Red Punch
This juice is absolutely delicious! The color is a plump magenta, and it slides smooth on your tongue, sweet without being overpowering and has the slightest hint of ginger in the aftertaste. Containing Beetroot, carrot, red apples, ginger, goji berries and orange, these ingredients will pump you full of antioxidants. Be careful though, it’s called Red Punch for a reason, and easily stains any fingers, tables and fabrics with scarlet.

#4 Fruit Punch
The ingredients are yum – so it certainly tastes so! Watermelon, Pineapple, Acai Berry, Lime… it aims to be a thirst quencher, and there are all sorts of ingredients that aid indigestion and provide antioxidants. Watermenlon will flush out your toxins with it’s alkaline content, and the acai berry is an especial ‘super food’ with omega fatty acids and protein to fortify your body.

#5 GazPUNCHo
It’s a ‘soup juice’ called GazPUNCHo. Tomato, Cucumber, Cilantro, apple cider vinegar… these ingredients fire up your metabolism, helps lower cholesterol and aids the production of zinc that helps build collagen. Well that all sounds rather fancy and well, but …bleeruughh. This one confuses my taste buds. The vegetables are definitely detectable with there is a chewy texture instead of a smooth one like the others. You’re allowed to heat it up if you’re really looking for a soupy experience.

#6 Nut Punch
Nice for the last punch as it’s sort of like a dessert, with a soy almond milky taste. There’s raw cashews and almonds, agave nectar and sea salt, and it’s creamy without being sickly sweet. The nuts are high in vitamin E, Cashews are rich in Zinc, and Almonds helps lower blood pressure. It’s like having milk before bed, just nuttier.

Source: TimeOut Hong Kong

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