Clean & Lean Challenge

PDT-ufit-SG-hp-v2-160818We developed these juices to be Clean & Lean compliant with no fruits ( well, a bit of lemon, lime & coconut water here and there – but these are ok, no? ) nor added sugar.If the juices taste “lean”, it’s because they are: low in calories with 0-3 grams of sugar per 100ml.

On our menu, you will find juices from our original popular Punch flavors, and some that have been slightly modified ( e.g. fruit removed ). Our dairy free nut milks usually contain agave nectar but you may opt for unsweetened or less sweet. What’s more, we add a superfood to all our juices: acai berry, chia seeds, cayenne, maca, acerola…so you get that extra boost!

Click here to for the ingredients of the juices.

Whether as a nutrition supplement, post workout hydrating and alkalizing beverage, detox plan, or meal replacements ( try GazPuncho, our signature raw vegan soup ), Punch juices are here to support you through the Clean & Lean Challenge.

How to order:

Step 1 : Go to the order page for Cleanse or Punch’D. Look for Juices indicated with the C&L badge; these are C&L compliant.

Step 2: Enter the promotion code to enjoy your UFIT member discount. If you are doing the C&L program, please indicate in the remarks section.

Step 3: We are happy to extend the discount on our regular Punch juices for your family. Put in a weekly standing order to enjoy bigger savings! Email us at info@punchdetox.com.sg for details.

Drink up – no reservations needed! ORDER NOW

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