Soup+Juice Cleanse

On the heels of our signature GazPUNCHo, we are excited to launch our new Soup+Juice Cleanse.

Many customers feedback to us how much they appreciated having the GazPUNCHo whilst on a cleanse. To some, having a savory juice (a.k.a. soup) as a meal replacement feels less strenuous than a full juice fast.

While we love our cold-pressed juices, we also understand that craving. So we are bringing you the best of both worlds: Punch’s new Soup+Juice Cleanse.

In addition to GazPUNCHo, you will find two new flavors:

GARDEN Punch, a nutritious green blend of baby spinach, avocado, cilantro, pistachio, avocado oil, lime & sea salt

CARROTS Punch with an “s” standing for savory. A perky soup of carrot, ginger, turmeric, lime, dash of cold-pressed coconut milk & sea salt.

The soups are crisp & flavorful when drank cold but can be gently warmed up.

This menu is great for

  • those who prefer more vegetables, less fruits, or concerned with blood sugar levels.  These soups are naturally alkaline and low on the glycemic scale
  • those who find the juice fast aspect of a cleanse tough but appreciate its structure
  • men who need a bit more substance

They are available as 3 day cleanse or as 6 packs for those not on a juice fast.  Punch’s raw vegan soups pack the same vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are an easy lunch replacement/ meal supplement.

Punch Detox – a simple and delicious way to stay healthy.


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