One, Two, Ready to PUNCH in Singapore

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Punch Detox is the first and leading juice cleanse program in Hong Kong that is now making its way to Singapore! There is a reason why.

Another juice cleanse? you say.
Yes, we say. We also say that Punch comes with over four years’ of experience and our program is tried, tested and loved.

Juicing may appear simple but every step before the juice arrives at your door matters. At Punch, we do not compromise nor cut corners, from the integrity of the ingredients to the selection of equipment ( we use the Norwalk ). Punch is not just about delivering juices to your door; it is about the total experience which starts from your pre-cleanse to post-cleanse. It is about a newfound sense of what’s good and what’s bad for your body.

You only need to read the testimonials to see for yourself.

Punch Principles:
3 days only. Enough said.

Nothing to mix, no pills to swallow, no kitchen to clean.

Just fruits, vegetables, spices and nuts. No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives.

A definite “Before” and “After.” You will feel it and see it. Your friends will too. Even your extended family on Skype will.

Peppy emails, cleansing buddies, a healthy challenge – you won’t stop talking about it!

Life-changing (a Punch Wish)
Big or small – even if it’s just replacing one coffee with green tea, we consider that a success.

Make an order now to receive this great starting offer!

PDT-SG-$100 off Two Sets-Homepage Banner-140902 From now through September sign up with a buddy and get $100 off two sets of our signature 3 Day Cleanse!

*limited to the first 50 customers*


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