Get Yoga Juiced! Weekend Detox with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman

Join our Yoga and Juice detox! Using fresh, raw juice of vegetables and fruits to nourish and replenish the body and yoga practice to rinse and soak, stretch and cleanse your entire being for 3 days.

The 3-day Punch Juice Cleanse kit and manual are provided by Punch Detox

ABOUT Punch Detox
Punch Detox was born out of love and need.

After having their children, Ann and Angela, now the owners of Punch Detox, were desperate for a healthy jumpstart. They joined a two-week intensive detox and yoga programme, and were thrilled by how amazing they looked and felt afterwards. They became obsessed by the subject and enrolled in nutrition classes, devoured books, consulted with detox experts and experimented on their own bodies and those of their close friends.

Finally, a 3-Day Juice Cleanse programme was developed specifically for Hong Kong, where people have high standards and busy schedules. A panel of friends benefited with immediate results. Word got out – and bankers, yoga teachers and doctors started asking if they could try too. Over 200 cleanses later, Punch Detox was born.

Punch Principles:

3 days only. Enough said.

Nothing to mix, no pills to swallow, no kitchen to clean.

Just fruits, vegetables, spices and nuts. No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives.

A definite “Before” and “After.” You will feel it and see it. Your friends will too. Even your extended family on Skype will.

Peppy emails, cleansing buddies, a healthy challenge – you won’t stop talking about it!

Life-changing (a Punch Wish)
Big or small – even if it’s just replacing one coffee with green tea, we consider that a success.


12-15 July, Thursday – Sunday

Thursday, 12 July
6:00pm – 7:00pm First detox kit pick-up

Friday, 13 July
7:00am – 8:00am Pranayama, Meditation – Patrick
1:00pm – 2:00pm Asana Practice – Rinat
6:30pm – 8:00pm Flow and Restorative Practice – Patrick

Saturday, 14 July
9:00am – 11:00am Asana Practice – Patrick
4:00pm – 6:00pm Flow and Restorative Practice – Rinat

Sunday, 15 July
9:00am – 11:00am Asana Practice – Rinat
4:00pm – 6:00pm Final integration practice – Patrick

Get Yoga Juiced!
Weekend Detox with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman

12-15 July 2012
All Levels
– Early-bird 20% off: HK$3,000 (ends 30 June)
– Regular Price : HK$3,750

*3-day Punch Juice Cleanse kit and manual
*All yoga sessions listed above

Registration closes 8 July 2012

All information presented in this programme is for educational purposes only and not intended to substitute any medical counselling, advice, or prescription.

If you are currently on a medically prescribed diet or have any specific medical conditions, please consult your physician before beginning this programme.

In addition, please use discretion regarding food allergies and intolerances, and any other practice in this programme.

· Last day for Early-bird 20% discount is 30 June 2012

Refund/Cancellation Policy
· No refunds for cancellation starting 30 June 2012
· All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.

To register, please visit or contact our studio or email events@pure-yoga.com for further enquiries

Photos and video may be taken from time to time on our premises by Pure employees, solely for Pure marketing purposes.

About Patrick Creelman
As Pure Yoga’s founding teacher and a certified teacher of Anusara yoga, Patrick has been and continues to be a pillar in the yoga community throughout Asia.

Since the opening of Pure Yoga in Hong Kong in 2002, Patrick has taught thousands of students and helped train hundreds of yoga teachers from around the world.

It is through the grace and guidance of many people – friends, students and some of the world’s most experienced teachers, most clearly his teacher John Friend – that Patrick has become one of the most sought-after yoga teachers in Asia.

About Rinat Perlman
Rinat has been a student of yoga since 2003 and a teacher since 2006. Dedicated and passionate about her practice and teaching from a diversity of experiences and insights, she has become a leader within the Hong Kong Yoga community.

Rinat’s style of teaching is challenging and playful, offering students a transformational, uplifting experience that sheds light on how to live a yogic life while embracing fulfilment with family and business all wrapped up in one radiant experience – a key learning in itself.

Rinat feels grateful to have been blessed with opportunities to teach in Hong Kong and travel the world, studying with and assisting her teacher Patrick Creelman.

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