Quick Tips to try for just 2 weeks

Life is all about trade-offs. Start making the better choices…

Life is all about trade-offs. Start making the better choices… Try the following for 2 weeks and see if your cravings for bad foods subside…

  1. Eat a banana for breakfast – a lot of busy executives say they don’t have time for breakfast, but we say it’s the most important meal. If you’re on the run, grab a banana or an apple for breakfast.
  2. Fool your bodies with a better a form of caffeine – Instead of 5 cups of coffee every week, switch to green tea. It will give you the caffeine and healthy antioxidants!
  3. Eat real junk food – if you want a burger, get a burger from a real restaurant. If you want fries, get fries from a real restaurant. Don’t eat food made from a production line.
  4. Make good choices – wine is better than beer, rice is better than bread, grilled salmon is better than an 8 oz steak, fruit sorbet is better than chocolate cake, clear soup is better than cream soup, and if you are really really hungry – start with a salad.
  5. Eat clean and smart when you are not busy/traveling so that you can slack off a little bit during crunch time. Don’t obsess over daily food intakes. It will drive you mad. Instead, look at what you’ve eaten over a week’s time.
  6. And lastly, try the Punch Juice Cleanse – We designed it with busy working people in mind. You will be able to keep up your energy level during the 3 days so it won’t interfere with your work schedule. As long as you are in HK, you can do it.

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