Fun Detox activities

Warm baths sooth muscles and joints aches.

Take a nice bath – Salt baths or vinegar baths are both good for the body. Warm baths sooth muscles and joints aches.

Scrub Scrub Scrub – Slough off dead skin cells, increase your circulation and move the lymph through the lymphatic system by exfoliating your face and your entire body. Vigorously scrubbing your own body can also be good exercise!

Eat fruits before your meal – Fruits are digested faster than your regular meal. You will be less bloated.

Drink more water – Water literally flushes out your entire system – if your urine is too yellow, you are not drinking enough.

Schedule your weekly massage – So maybe not weekly, but good massages are known for clearing up the lymphatic system.

Steam Rooms – If you don’t have time to exercise or to sweat it out, the steam room or sauna are not bad alternatives.

Stay regular or get a Colonic – We all know what this means. If you are having less than 7 bowel movements per week, then assistance should be explored. Yes – we know that a colonic can be invasive, so if that’s too much then get extra fiber! Just make sure that your digestive system is as smooth as it can be. And anything that stays in your body too long will become toxic.

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